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Be a part of Digdaga Dairy Farm: where your skills in dairy farming and commitment to environmental stewardship contribute to our mission of providing high-quality, nutritious dairy products to our community.

Veterinary Doctor

with at least 10 years in diagnosing and treating all types of cows only.

• Examine cows and perform diagnostic tests to identify and treat illnesses.
• Prescribe medications and administer treatments to cows.

• Conduct surgical procedures.
• Vaccinate cows to prevent diseases and maintain health.
• Provide emergency medical care to injured or critically ill cows.
• Collaborate with veterinary technicians and other staff members to provide comprehensive care.
• Keep accurate records of medical treatments, procedures, and patient histories.
• Stay updated on the latest research, treatments, and industry practices in veterinary medicine.
• Adhere to ethical and professional standards for veterinary practice.

• Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine.
Minimum 10 years of Previous experience in a veterinary for Cows.
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

• Health insurance and accommodation are available
• Fulltime duty.
• Other benefits according to the UAE labor law.

Veterinary technician


 to assist our veterinary team with the following:

  • Assist them in Examining cows.
  • Assists in following Vaccinate cows.
  • Assist them in providing emergency medical care to ill cows.
  • Assist in keeping accurate records of medical treatments of the cows.
  • Perform any other tasks assigned to you by your direct supervisor


  • Health insurance and accommodation are available
  • Fulltime duty.
  • Other benefits according to the UAE labor law

Production engineer

Should have experience in producing all kinds of juices and dairy products, Specializing in foodstuffs, juices, and concentrates.


  • Ability to make mixtures and direct preparation according to specifications.
  • Estimating costs and preparing budgets for the production process.
  • Monitor production and solve problems related to the production process.
  • Determine the necessary resources such as the size of labor, raw materials, and all requirements of the production process.
  • Monitor and ensure the output of products that meet quality standards.
  • Supervising the implementation of occupational health and safety precautions.
  • Preparing periodic reports and submitting them to senior management.
  • Continuous awareness of developments in the field of production.


Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture (specialization suitable for the job). At least 5 years of experience in juice and beverage factories is required.


Health insurance, Accommodation, and other benefits according to the UAE Labor Law

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